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Life's best lessons often emerge during caregiving role
I'm writing on Mother's Day so it seems only natural that I'm thinking about my own mother. I feel tremendous gratitude that my mother, who lives only a few miles from me, doesn't have Alzheimer's or a related dementia. In fact, o... read full article

Yoga Can Help Caregiver Find Inner Calm

As a caregiver educator, yoga student and teacher, I was intrigued by a UCLA research study last month. It concluded that a simple, low-cost yoga program can enhance coping and quality of life for caregivers.

Many of you are family caregiv... read full article

Unmet needs and the social environment: Part 3

This is the third in a series addressing unmet needs in people with dementia. As we've discussed, unmet needs, which often get expressed as negative behaviors, generally fall into one of three broad areas: personal health, physical environmen... read full article

Gift for caregivers: Finding a place of contentment this season
Gift for caregivers: Finding a place of contentment this season

By Angela Lunde

If I could give each of you a gift it would be of course a cure for Alzheimer's. But short of that it might be ten hours of peaceful sleep, a personal a... read full article

Giving Alzheimer’s Patients Their Way, Even Chocolate

PHOENIX — Margaret Nance was, to put it mildly, a difficult case. Agitated, combative, often reluctant to eat, she would hit staff members and fellow residents at nursing homes, several of which kicked her out. But when Beatitudes nursing home ag... read full article

Sensors Help Keep the Elderly Safe, and at Home
Increasingly, many older people who live alone are not truly alone. They are being watched by a flurry of new technologies designed to enable them to live independently and avoid expensive trips to the emergency room or nursing homes.

Bertha ... read full article

Alzheimer's: Making mealtimes easier
Alzheimer's and eating can be a challenge. Understand what causes eating problems and take simple steps to ensure good nutrition.
By Mayo Clinic staff
Alzheimer's disease and eating challenges often go hand in hand. As Alzheimer's... read full article

Web tool guides elderly medical care
To help prevent overtesting and overtreatment of older patients – or undertreatment for those who remain robust at advanced ages – medical guidelines increasingly call for doctors to consider life expectancy as a factor in their decision-making. But ... read full article

Devices To Keep Seniors In Their Homes
What's one of the main reasons seniors are forced into assisted living or nursing homes? It's the bathtub.

Think about it: You can hire someone to come in and clean Mom's house. You can get services, including Meals on Wheels, to d... read full article

7 Tips to Make Personal Care Less Awkward for Family Caregivers
Is there anything more heart-wrenching than an adult child watching her mom decline to a point where she needs to help with toileting? Or more awkward than a son having to coax his dad into a shower and help him wash? These personal care tasks can be... read full article

Caregivers Take Note – Music as Therapy
When Glen Campbell took the stage at the Grammy Awards and accepted his Lifetime Achievement Award, he did so as one of the more than 5 million Americans diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. What is inspiring about the 75-year-old Campbell’s Grammy n... read full article

Denial challenges families in Alzheimer's caregiving
A couple months back I read a comment from one of you that stuck with me. It was from a woman (I'll call her Norma) whose mother has mild Alzheimer's. Here's some of what she said:

"My brother insists that we not fix our mother&... read full article

Alzheimer's Tips: How to Care for a Loved One This Holiday Season

The holidays can be bittersweet for families affected by Alzheimer’s. Consider these simple tips to make the Christmas season more enjoyable for everyone.

The holiday season should be filled with good cheer for families everywhere. Howev... read full article

Know the Alzheimer's warning before heading home for the holidays
ST. GEORGE - The holiday season is a time families gather and spend quality time with loved ones. It is also a time that can raise questions about the cognitive health of aging family members.

With Alzheimer's disease in particular, it is ... read full article

Budget Cuts Erase a Daily Lifeline for the Elderly and Disabled
The elderly people who gathered for a recent protest at City Hall in San Francisco waved placards and chanted in English and Chinese, “We won’t go to a nursing home!”

Sitting in folding chairs or wheelchairs, surrounded by caregivers and rela... read full article

How Can Music Help People who have Alzheimer's Disease
How can music help people who have Alzheimer's disease?

Answer from Glenn Smith, Ph.D.

Limited research suggests that listening to music can benefit people who have Alzheimer's disease in various ways.

For example, mus... read full article

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